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Experience the strength of a supportive community dedicated to health, fitness, and well-being.

Choose from personal training, group fitness classes, Pilates, yoga, swim lessons, and more — find wellness programs for the whole family!

A man and a women posing with a weighted ball.

Walking Group with JCC Greater Boston and Newton Wellesley Hospital

Tuesdays through June 18 | 10:3011:30am

Join us for Walk and Talk Health, a FREE self-led walking group at JCC’s indoor track. On Tuesday, May 21, mental health specialist Jessica Rolanti, OT, OTR will join the group to lead a conversation about MINDFULNESS and how it can benefit and enhance health and emotional wellbeing. Receive tools and techniques for you to use in your daily activities. After the discussion, Jessica and Jane Barr, Beth and NWH’s Community Wellness Coordinator, will walk the track with participants and answer questions. 

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. For more information and to register, contact the Needham Senior Center at 781-455-7555; open to all. 

Wellness Wednesdays, presented by Zing

Brain Boosters: Separating Fad from Fact

Wednesday, June 12 | 2pm

Curious if ‘brain-boosting’ products have scientific evidence to back up their claims? Join cognitive aging specialist Dr. Quinn Kennedy to learn how to separate fad from fact when it comes to “brain boosting” supplements and brain training products. We’ll discuss the pitfalls of internet searches for these supplements and guide you through reputable search sites. Dr. Kennedy will also share scientific findings on brain training products. Gain the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about the latest brain-boosting products.

Upcoming Wellness Wednesday Webinars:

Move & Mind

What Moves You?

Group Fitness

We’re as proud of the classes we offer as we are of the community that takes them! Explore Zumba®, cardio sculpt, yoga classes, small group training, and more!

Instructor leading a dance fitness class.

Stay Motivated

Personal Training

We’ll match you with a personal trainer who will help you get the results you’re looking for…and feel great doing it!

Personal trainer showing a client how to lift a weight.

experience the magic

Pilates Lessons

Improve your strength, flexibility, posture, and body awareness without building bulk or stressing your joints.

Woman using a pilates reformer.

we’re flexible, and so are you!

Yoga Lessons

We’ll help you form a connection between body, mind, and spirit, with health and healing benefits for people of all ages and levels of fitness.

Woman teaching a yoga class

Make a Splash!

Have Fun While Staying Active

Take advantage of open space to swim leisurely, or bring your family for a splash-tastic time.

Kids jumping into the indoor pool.

Energy. Endurance. Empowerment.

Engage your muscles from head to toe for a feel-good workout by swimming at your own pace.

Man swimming laps at JCC Greater Boston.

Dive Into Swim Confidence

From as young as three months to adults of all ages — including those requiring adaptive lessons — there’s a spot for everyone in the pool.

Boyy smiling in the pool.

This is what it looks like to be part of a team.

Our supportive community of athletes provides a safe and friendly environment for swimmers to grow, make lasting friendships, and reach their full potential in the pool.

Group of teens cheering in the pool.

Beat the Heat

Create unforgettable summer memories with your family and friends.

Boy and his mom playing in the outdoor pool.

Master the Pool

Year-round, coached training to help improve your stroke technique, swim endurance, and overall fitness.

Man swimming laps in a pool.

Take a Swing!

Ready To Have a Ball?

Whether you’re a seasoned racquet pro or trying pickleball for the first time, you’re sure to have a blast on the court.

A man playing pickleball in the gym.

Game, Set, Match!

Take advantage of three outdoor courts and a practice wall, as well as a variety of tennis programs for kids and adults.

Men playing tennis outdoors in the afternoon.

Power Up!

Stop by to play with friends, or learn techniques and strategies to maximize your competitive edge.

A coach teaching someone how to play table tennis.

Personalized Classes

Premium Wellness Programs

Discover classes, workshops, and lectures — from Tai Chi, to sound healing, to aging health strategies — led by locally and nationally recognized experts.

Yoga studio set up with candles.

Take Control

Parkinson’s Wellness

Empowering the Parkinson’s community with exercise and movement classes, a support group for care partners, and special education and wellness events.

A woman participating in a group fitness program.

Meet the Team

Todd Helmbrecht

Senior Director, Fitness & Wellness

With a lifelong passion for fitness and wellness, Todd brings a wealth of experience to our community. He comes to us after successfully owning his own management consulting firm and as the owner of an Amazon package delivery company, overseeing a large team and achieving substantial growth. Before diving into entrepreneurship, Todd dedicated 25 years to corporate strategy and marketing roles within esteemed global organizations. His journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a drive for continuous improvement. In addition to his professional achievements, Todd’s personal background as a Division 1 college wrestler and his coaching role at the local high school in Lexington underscore his dedication to physical wellness and community involvement. He holds undergraduate degrees in Finance and Marketing, as well as an MBA from Boston University.

Contact Todd:  thelmbrecht@jccgb.org
Debra Selik Headshot.

Debra Selik

Fitness Engagement & Pilates Manager

In addition to being our fitness engagement & Pilates manager, Deb is a NASM and TRX certified trainer who empowers her clients to adopt a functional approach to exercise and wellness. She focuses on helping clients set goals that best suit their lifestyles. Deb is passionate about helping individuals of all ages become stronger, improve their sense of well-being, and increase their quality of life.

Contact Debra:  pilates@jccgb.org  617.558.6480
Heidi White Headshot.

Heidi White

Group Fitness and Wellness Manager

Heidi is a dynamic and accomplished fitness professional. A seasoned yoga instructor with years of experience teaching at the JCC, Heidi is known for her positive energy, infectious enthusiasm, and ability to create a balanced and holistic experience for class participants — empowering them to reach their full mind-body potential, both on and off the mat. As our group fitness & wellness manager, she is dedicated to providing a diverse selection of class options for members, to suit everyone’s needs.

Contact Heidi:  hwhite@jccgb.org  617.558.6459
Annie Rotman Headshot.

Annie Rotman

Fitness Operations Manager

In addition to being our all-star fitness operations manager at the JCC, Annie is a certified personal trainer through the ACE and holds a degree in nutrition & wellness. She is passionate about sports and physical activity, and encourages regular exercise as an essential component of both mental and physical well-being. In her free time, Annie enjoys HIIT, strength training, and jogging outdoors.

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