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Masters Swimming

Adults Ages 19+
A man swimming.

Master the Pool with Master’s Swim

Are you an athlete looking to improve your stroke technique? Want to boost your endurance in the water? Or are you simply looking for a challenging — but fun! — group workout?

While master’s swim is perfect for people training for triathlons or swim competitions, it’s great for beginners and experts alike — it’s loads of fun for anyone looking for an engaging and challenging group workout!

What Is Master’s Swim?

Think of master’s swimming as an organized swim team for adults. Open to the entire community, swimmers ages 19+ are provided with year-round, coached training to help improve stroke technique, swim endurance, and overall fitness. Join the team for:

  • Professional coaching
  • Structured workouts
  • Top-notch swim drills
  • Fast-paced speed sets



Yearly Cost Yearly Member Cost
Per Class $1,925 $1,400

Indoor Pool

Holiday Hours

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Indoor Pool Schedule

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