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Tennis Camp

Ages 6 to 13 Years

Camp Registration is OPEN! Spend your summer playing tennis outdoors and splashing in our beautiful pool! Tennis camp runs from 9am – 4pm, with early drop-off and extended-day options available.

Photo of kids at Tennis Camp.

Play Like a Pro at Tennis Camp!

Join us for a summer filled with sun, sweat, and smiles as you perfect your swing and discover a love for the game. Our spacious outdoor tennis courts provide the perfect setting for an active and adventurous summer, and with an hour of daily swim time, you’ll be able to cool off and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Our experienced pro will help children ages 6-13 develop their skills, make new friends, and learn valuable technical training and tennis strategy. Most importantly — they’ll have fun!

The daily schedule includes morning instruction and drills, followed by lunch and free swim; the afternoon concentrates on games and match play according to ability levels. In case of inclement weather, tennis camp will move indoors to the basketball gym. 

  • Camp runs 5 days a week from June 24–August 16.
  • 2024 Cost: $789/week; Member Cost: $719/week.
    • Save $25/week for each sibling who attends camp!
  • Regular Camp Hours: 9am–4pm
  • Before Care: 8–9am
  • After Care: 4–6pm

Day at a Glance

8:45 – 9:00am | Drop off

9:00 – 9:30am | Welcome/Introduction

9:30 – 10:30am | Skills and Drills part 1

10:30 – 10:45am | Snack Break

10:45 – 11:30am | Skills and Drills part 2

12 – 1pm | Lunch (not included)

1 – 2pm | Free Swim at the outdoor pool

2:20 – 3:40pm | Tennis Team Games and Match Play

3:40 – 3:50pm | Wrap up and Recap

4pm | Pickup 



After-Care (4–6pm) +$180/week
Before-Care (8–9am) +$90/week

Meet Our Team

Haim Zion Headshot.

Haim Zion

Tennis Instructor

Meet Haim, our experienced tennis instructor. Haim has an impressive background in the sport, having served as the head coach and national head coach at various clubs in Israel. In addition to his success on the court, Haim has over 20 years of experience teaching and coaching tennis to players of all ages and abilities before joining the JCC in 2022. He is excited to share his wealth of knowledge and passion for the game at the JCC.

Contact Haim:  tennis@jccgb.org
Annie Rotman Headshot.

Annie Rotman

Program Manager, Tennis and Sports Camp

Annie is the Operations and Program Manager for the Health & Wellness department, and oversees JCC Tennis Camp and Sports Camp. She is passionate about creating a sense of community and excitement in her sports programs. During the off-season, Annie continues organizing and implementing sport programs for kids and adults at the JCC. The JCC holds a special place in Annie’s heart – she went to preschool here, and worked as a sports camp counselor during her high school summers. Annie holds a bachelor’s in Health and Wellness from The University of New Hampshire.

Get In Touch



Payments, Cancellations, and Terms & Conditions

Payments and Cancellations:

  • Tennis Camp does not require a security deposit.
  • Weeks may be dropped or switched without penalty, pending availability – email tennis@jccgb.org. A one week notice is required.

Refunds: A one week notice before the enrolled week is required to receive full refund. If your child needs to miss a day due to illness/injury or any other circumstance, we will do our best to make up the missed day in another week.

Discounts: Sibling discounts of $25 off per week for each sibling. A change in JCC Greater Boston Membership will result in an automatic rate change.

Payment Dates:

  • Registration opens January 3, 2024 to returning camp families and members only
  • Registration opens January 10, 2024 to the community.
  • Full payment is due upon registration.

Waitlist Option: email tennis@jccgb.org to be added to the waitlist. Tennis Camp does not charge a fee to be on our waitlist. Families have 36 hours to respond to accept the spot before we contact the next camper on the list.


COVID: In the event that a JCC Camp must close your child’s bunk, or all of camp, due to state or local mandate, JCC Camps will do our best to fit you into another week, session or JCC camp program as you prefer. If we are unable to accommodate you, JCC Greater Boston will credit your account for use in a future program. COVID procedures may be updated during the camp season as necessary.

ILLNESS: Keep children home if they are not feeling well. Campers with a fever will not be admitted to camp. Campers who develop a fever or other symptoms of illness will be sent home. Campers will be asked to follow precautions and regulations regarding COVID-19, which will be updated based on current conditions and provided before camp begins. Parents are expected to arrange prompt pickup of any child who is ill.

Discipline Policy

Discipline Policy: Camp is an exciting, fun, sociable and nurturing experience. Campers are expected to be respectful of each other, counselors, and the facilities. All efforts are made to work with campers and parents to provide a positive and meaningful experience at camp.  All campers must be able to use the restrooms independently in order to attend camp. This includes having ample awareness to get to the bathroom in plenty of time, ability to manage clothing, wiping, and flushing, and ability to wash hands independently. No camper shall be punished for soiling, wetting, or not using the toilet. If a camper misbehaves by distracting the group, not listening to directions, being disrespectful, or otherwise disrupting an activity, they may be asked to leave the group for a short period of time. The teacher or counselor will discuss the behavior with the camper, and bring them back to the group. Children will be given reminders and redirection in order to encourage positive behavior. Staff members will empower children to make positive choices and to practice empathy and cooperation in group settings. No camper shall be denied food. If the behavior continues or recurs, the camper may be brought to the office or to the Camper Support Director for a “time out” or break, keeping the camper’s age and abilities in mind. The camper will rejoin the group after an appropriate period. If the problem persists, parents are notified via a phone call. If a child has specific behavior issues, efforts will be made to work with parents to implement a behavior management program appropriate to camp.

If a camper misbehaves in a manner that is dangerous or destructive, staff will immediately ask the child to move away from the situation and call a supervisor. Staff will discuss the situation with the camper or campers involved and explain that the behavior is inappropriate and unacceptable. Parents are notified as soon as possible if a camper hits, pushes, bites, or otherwise hurts another member of the camp community, or if he or she is the object of such behavior. A camper who hits or hurts another person or engages in dangerous or destructive behavior will be sent home. In this case parents may be required to pick up the camper during the camp day. A parent conference is required before the camper can return. If a camper repeatedly endangers themselves or another camper or staff member; repeatedly breaks camp rules; participates in repeated demeaning or hurtful behavior; or knowingly damages property, they will be required to leave the camp. No refunds will be awarded in this case.

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