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Outdoor Pool

Outdoor Pool 2024 Registration is Open!

Get excited for a fantastic summer season by the outdoor pool! Stay tuned for more details on events, pop-ups, and fun for the whole family.



Member Cost Non-Member Cost
JCC Preschool Families $850 N/A
Family $960 $1195
Senior Couple $685 $850
Senior Individual $575 $720
Single Parent $865 $1080
Adult Couple $820 $1020
Adult Individual $730 $910
Young Adult $490 $610
Lap Swim $510 $720

Payment for the outdoor pool can be made in full or in installments. If paying in installments $150 is due at time of registration and the remaining balance will be split evenly throughout the remaining months.

Outdoor Pool Schedule

Early Season Schedule
Monday–Friday 1–7pm
Saturday–Sunday 9am–7pm
Mid-Season Schedule
Monday–Thursday 9am–8:30pm
Friday–Sunday 9am–7pm
Late Season Schedule
Monday–Thursday 9am–7:30pm
Friday–Sunday 9am–7pm

**Hours subject to change**

Adult Lap AM Swim Membership (Lap Swim Only)

May 30-September 1
Monday-Friday 6-9am
Sunday 9-10am

This membership allows you to swim laps during our morning Lap Swimming Hours only designated above.

Please note between May 30-June 16 the pool will be closed between 9am-1pm.

Adult Lap Swim will not be offered on holidays or holiday weekends.

Kid in the pool.


How Do I Get in Touch With Outdoor Pool Staff?

Here are the phone numbers of our senior staff and offices:

Adrian Negenborn – Senior Aquatics Director                   617.558.6468

Hailey Huff – Head Pool Manager                          617.558.6476

Lauren Gale – Head Swim Coach                                            617.558.6490

Irene Elbert-Gamburg – Membership Operations Coordinator 617.558.6554

Outdoor Pool Office                                                                617.558.6580

Front Desk/JCC Main Number                                    617.558.6522

How Can Outdoor Pool Members Purchase Guest Passes for Their Friends?

Outdoor pool Guest Passes are available for purchase by outdoor pool members.

Adult Guest Passes – $25/person

Child Guest Passes – $15/person

Family Guest Passes – $80 (Maximum of six Individuals — two Adults and up to four Children)

Guest passes will be sold at the outdoor pool desk as well as the lobby of the JCC.

Members may bring up to six guests per visit. Each guest may enjoy the outdoor pool up to three times per season.

All guests must be accompanied by an adult outdoor pool member. All guests ages 18+ must present a photo ID. Guests may be limited on busy/capacity days. Please call the outdoor pool main office at 617.558.6580 to check space availability.

**JCC Members who are not outdoor pool members may purchase passes on a limited basis based on capacity Monday–Friday.  Please call 617.558.6580 ahead of time for availability.

What Are the Outdoor Pool’s Security Precautions?

The JCC remains committed to the safety and security of our members and visitors. Each outdoor pool member 12 years old and over must present a valid JCC ID card for admittance. These cards must be shown each time you enter the outdoor pool. If a member does not have their JCC ID card, they will need to present a valid photo ID.

If you have your JCC ID card from last year, it will be activated automatically.  If you DO NOT have your JCC ID card, please stop by the JCC indoor front desk PRIOR to May 27 (opening day) to get your JCC ID card and have your photo taken.

Can I Bring a Caregiver?

If you would like to bring a caregiver, they must be registered and attached to the members’ account.  Caregiver membership is $99 for the summer.  Specific rules apply. Caregiver applications are available in the sales office or at the front desk in the JCC main building. Maximum of three caregivers per family (this includes grandparents). Caregivers must always accompany the members’ child in order to enter the outdoor pool. Only one caregiver may attend at a time. Caregivers may not bring their own guests.

What Swimwear Do I Need To Bring for My Younger Children?

Swim diapers and waterproof vinyl swim pants are required for all children under 3.5 years of age, regardless of whether they are potty-trained. No exceptions will be made. For your convenience, these items are available for $5 each at the outdoor pool office.

Are Towels Provided?

Towel service will be offered at $5 per towel for all outdoor pool guests.

Can My Child Take Lessons Outdoors?

If you would like to enroll your child in swim lessons, Private and group options are available only in the indoor pool by our LKSA Aquatics staff. For more information, contact the Aquatics Department at lksainfo@jccgb.org.

Is There a Lost and Found at the Outdoor Pool?

The outdoor pool has a lost and found bin. We are not responsible for lost items. The items left in the bin will be donated bi-weekly. We will send out an email to all outdoor pool members one week prior to when donations will be made.

How Are Pool Updates Communicated?

To keep you informed, you will receive emails for any important updates. You may also follow our outdoor pool Twitter account at @jccgbodp for real-time updates. Please make sure we have your current email address for all outdoor pool communications. You can send your email address to membership@jccgb.org.

Rules & Policies


Our primary goal is to provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for all outdoor pool members. Civil and courteous behavior is expected at all times. Abusive treatment by and to members or staff will not be tolerated and may result in the suspension or revocation of an outdoor pool membership.

The following policies, rules and state public health regulations will be strictly enforced. Please read them carefully. The lifeguard(s) on duty have the final say regarding pool policies and rules.

All members 18 years and older will be required to sign our JCC Waiver of Liability and Code of Conduct. Waiver documents are emailed upon registration. These documents must be signed prior to the opening of the pool season.

Cleanliness & Showers

  • Soap showers are required before entering the pool. This is a Massachusetts State Law.
  • Clean bathing suits must be worn. Underwear, cut-off jeans/pants, and/or t-shirts are not allowed in the pool for health and safety reasons unless for religious purposes.
  • Any person suffering from a fever, cough, cold, inflammation of the eyes, nasal and/or ear discharges, or any communicable disease is not allowed in the pool until they have healed. We ask that people who are sick stay home to minimize the risk of spreading illness to other participants/users.
  • Any person with sores or other evidence of skin disease, or who is wearing a bandage or medical coverage of any kind, is not allowed to use the pool.
  • Please don’t spit or in any other way contaminate the pool, pool deck, walkways, or changing rooms.
  • No glass containers will be permitted in the pool area.
  • No one shall bring or throw into the pool any object that may in any way carry contamination or endanger the safety of other swimmers.
  • The pool may close for up to 24 hours following a fecal, vomit or blood contamination incident.
  • No food is allowed within eight feet of the pool.
  • When the main pool or the kiddie pool must be closed in the event of a biological contamination, the pool deck, the lawn, and the uncontaminated pool will remain open to members. We will do our best to notify you via email for closures. Please encourage your children to take regular bathroom breaks to prevent such closures.

Health & Safety

The JCC will follow local, state and CDC guidance, and will make changes accordingly to COVID policies.

  • Please follow all lifeguard directions. Lifeguards are responsible for the safety of all members.
  • During thunder and lightning storms, the outdoor pool complex will be closed for 30 minutes including changing rooms. The pool will remain closed for 30 minutes after the last visible sign or sound of the storm. Members will be required to leave the outdoor pool complex until the outdoor pool reopens.
  • Adult-only swim time will be implemented during crowded conditions at a manager’s discretion.
  • Horseplay or other unsafe behavior is prohibited.
  • Running is not allowed on the pool deck.
  • No jumping into the kiddie pool or the main pool (less than three feet deep) will be allowed. Diving is permitted in the designated area of the nine feet section of the main pool.
  • In consideration of our members with food and nut allergies, please dispose of all food wrappers and containers. Please wash your hands if you have had a peanut, nut or dairy snack.
  • No nudity is allowed on the pool deck. Please use the changing rooms for all changing, showering, and diapering. The outdoor showers are for use by those entering the pool. No shampoo or undressing is allowed.
  • No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  • Any swimmer with hair shoulder-length or longer must wear a swim cap or have it tied back while in the pool. Please visit our outdoor pool desk for a hair elastic if needed. This keeps our pool clean and safer for you to swim.

Children in the Pool

  • In order to swim in the pool without adult supervision, children must be 12 years of age or older. Children ages 12 and over do not need to take a swim test. Children under age 12 who have passed the swim test may swim but will need adult supervision in the pool area. Children under 12 are not permitted to wear a mask or snorkel in the pool due to safety hazards. Children under 12 years old who have not passed the swim test must be accompanied in the water by an adult within arm’s reach of the child. This includes parents being in the water in the zero depth entry and kiddie pool with their child. Children (including infants and toddlers) MUST NOT be left unattended on deck while the parent swims. Minimum age admitted to the outdoor pool unattended by an adult is 16 years of age.
  • Adult supervision is considered 18 years of age or older. Lifeguards are prepared to act or prevent an emergency; parents/guardians are the first line of defense for water safety.
  • Swim diapers and waterproof vinyl swim pants are required for all children under 3.5 years of age, regardless of whether they are potty-trained. No exceptions will be made. For your convenience, these items are available for purchase at the outdoor pool office.
  • Jumping is allowed in water four feet and deeper; diving is only allowed in designated areas of the deep end. Jumping is not permitted in the kiddie pool or the zero-depth entry area.

Flotation Devices:

  • Flotation devices, inflatable objects, lifejackets and life vests of any kind are not allowed.

Swim Testing Requirements

Children under age 12 must take a test in order to swim in the deep sections of the pool. Testing will be held according to staff availability. Children who pass will be given a color-coded wristband that they must wear on their wrists for the four-foot and nine-foot test. Parents may not bring a child into the nine-foot swim area to swim with them unless the child has passed the nine-foot test. If a child does not pass the test, they can retake the test on a different day. The requirements for each test are as follows:

Four-Foot Test:

  • Front float for 10 seconds and back float for 30 seconds, 30 seconds treading water and be able to swim one length of freestyle with over-water arm recovery in a strong manner.
  • A child does not have to take this test if they are in Level 7 (Gliders) for Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy (LKSA) or LKSA catch up stroke in a strong manner, or was/is a member of the Karishim Swim Team.

Nine-Foot Test:

  • Front float for 10 seconds and back float for 30 seconds, 60 seconds treading water and be able to swim two lengths of freestyle with over-water arm recovery in a strong manner.
  • A child does not have to take this test if they are in Level 8 (Flyers) for Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy (LKSA) or LKSA catch up stroke in a strong manner, or was/is a member of the Karishim Swim Team.

Lap Test:

Children may take the lap swim test with the deck duty lifeguard or pool manager. The lap lane test consists of 10 lengths of continuous crawl stroke. If a child passes, he or she will be placed in a lane by a deck duty lifeguard or pool manager. They may not use the lap lanes during adult-only swim.

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