We’re so excited to have your child join us this summer at Camp Grossman! On this page, you’ll find forms you need to complete, as well as important information to help you prepare for a summer of fun and adventure.

Everything You Need To Know

Camp Forms

After your child’s registration has been submitted, the next step is to complete the camper health and profile forms needed for camp. We are pleased to offer our secure online forms portal. Not only are these forms easier to fill out than the traditional paper ones, but all information will be saved in a secure location from year to year. This will make next summer’s registration easier as well.

Online Portal

Important Dates for Summer 2022

  • Summer 2022 Calendar
  • March 1 - Weeks may be dropped or changed, subject to availability and as long as two week minImum (not including the 9th Week) is maintained.

  • March 30 - You must pay half of the registration fee or have a payment plan in place by March 30.

  • May 1 - Full payment is due or a payment plan must be in place and no refunds will be issued. You can not drop weeks after this date.

Weekly Schedules 

  • Weekly schedules are posted the Friday before each week of summer.  For now, you may click here to see a sample schedule from last summer.

Sample Weekly Schedule

Suggested Items to Bring to Camp

  • Water Bottle
  • Bathing Suit
  • Towel
  • A plastic bag or wet bag for wet/sandy items 
  • Lunch (Dairy or Vegetarian)
  • Snacks
  • Sunscreen & Bugspray
  • 2-3 Masks
  • Labeled Ziplock bag for Masks
  • Weather Appropriate Gear (Raincoat, Sweatshirt, etc)
  • Please wear closed-toe shoes
  • Hat (Optional)
  • Flip flops for beach (optional)  

Helpful Tips!  

  • Shake those towels out! Your child might come home very sandy!  We suggest that you empty backpacks outside and take shoes off before entering your home so you can shake things out. Another trick: Use baby or talcum powder on sandy children and the sand will brush right off them!
  • Apply sunscreen and bug spray before your child leaves for camp. We can help reapply throughout the day.

Clothing and Belongings

Please label all clothing, water bottles, bathing suits and towels with the first and last name of your camper. This helps us return any lost articles back to your camper.

Please check the weather forecast to make sure your child is prepared with the proper clothing each day. Secure footgear (like sneakers) is recommended, as sandals or flip-flops are not suitable for the camp day. 


Order labels for your camp clothes, towels and water bottles. Click here and use code "GROSSMAN" at checkout to receive a 10% discount. In addition, 15% of your purchase will go to the camp scholarship fund.

    Lost and Found

    In the event that your child loses clothing or other articles, the items will be brought to the Lost and Found located behind the Camp Office. It will be available for parents/guardians to look through on all Family Nights.

    • At the end of the season, Lost and Found items will remain at camp for one month, after that time, all articles will be donated to charity.
    • Please do NOT send any item of value (either sentimental or monetary) as items do get lost.
    • All electronics, including handheld items and cell phones, are not permitted at camp.

    Food from Home

    Please send your child to camp with a kosher (vegetarian or dairy) lunch in an insulated bag or container. We suggest that you also send one or two snacks for the day. If your child forgets or loses their lunch, the camp will provide one for them.

    • If your child has special dietary needs, please let us know. We will make every attempt to accommodate those needs during activities that include food, such as Friday Oneg and cooking.

    Safety at Camp

    Camp is staffed by three registered nurses (RNs) and a physician on call. In case of an emergency, the local hospital is less than five miles away.

    Camp Grossman is in compliance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health policies and is inspected and licensed by the Town of Dover Department of Public Health. Families can request copies of background checks, health care and discipline policies, as well as procedures for filing grievances.

    Sun Safety

    Children are outdoors for many activities during the camp day and should arrive with sunscreen applied. Staff will make time for children to reapply sunscreen throughout the camp day. Families can also give permission for staff to help younger children apply sunscreen.

    Hydration is also very important, and water is available for campers throughout the day. Staff will encourage children to stay hydrated. Families are asked to do the same.

    Birthdays at Camp

    If you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday at camp, please call or email your child's Unit Head several days prior to make arrangements. You will be asked to bring only products prepared commercially under kosher supervision.

    Camp Tours

    We offer camp tours by appointment only on Fridays at 11am during the camp season. This is especially helpful for those campers who were unable to meet their counselors on Visiting Day, June 26, or for prospective Grossman families.

    • Please call the Summer Camp Office at 781.329.9300 in advance to reserve a spot for the Friday tour.



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