Be Part of a Great Team

JCC Greater Boston is consciously evolving as a great place to work. In our recent 2021 employee engagement survey, 88% or more of our staff gave us top ratings on supportive colleagues, how their managers treat them, manager availability, autonomy, knowing how their work contributes, pride in working for the JCC, program/services quality and holding ourselves accountable.

Our staff and leadership bring experience, excellence and commitment to everything we offer. You will be valued for your own expertise and surrounded by professionals who can help you continue to advance your knowledge, skills and career.

Feel Like You Belong Here

The JCC is deeply committed to valuing and celebrating the uniqueness of each constituent. We welcome staff and participants from diverse backgrounds. While being proudly Jewish, we strive in every way to provide an open and welcoming setting for all, irrespective of personal practices, beliefs or background. We are guided by JCC Greater Boston core values - Belonging, Joyfulness, Collaboration and Transformation - which resonate with many who do not identify as Jewish.

Make a Difference

Working for a mission and values led non-profit offers countless uplifting experiences for our staff. Our work at JCC Greater Boston touches and transforms lives – helping youth grow into capable and well-rounded adults, providing wonderful friendships and memories, and helping people achieve fitness goals at all phases of life. The impact of our work provides each of our staff with daily reminders of the lasting impact their work has and the deep satisfaction that comes from using their gifts to make a difference for others.