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JCC Early Learning Center Careers

Brookline Early Learning Center with kids and teacher.

About Our Early Learning Centers

JCC Early Learning Centers include the JCC Early Learning Center Brookline/Brighton, the Godine JCC Early Learning Center in Newton, the JCC Early Learning Center Hingham, and the Gilson JCC Early Learning Center, in Sharon.

Are you someone who loves making a lasting difference, bringing laughter and creating happy memories for children, all while working as part of a team of dedicated professionals?

In this job market, early learning professionals have choices and seek opportunities which will improve on their previous positions. In this context, we’d like to share some reasons many choose JCC Greater Boston preschools. There is an energy at our early learning centers which makes them a unique, upbeat place to work. Professionals are drawn to work at the JCC for a variety of reasons: the teamwork, opportunities for professional development, the child-oriented approach, better pay and benefits (including tuition reimbursement for EEC certification classes and a variety of discounts for programs), planning/break time, sign on bonus, onsite gym and, in many classrooms, improved teacher/child ratios.

While united structurally and pedagogically, each of our schools have a unique personality, shaped by the community needs and staff vision. Our children come from diverse backgrounds. If you are committed to the field of early childhood education, value collegial and collaborative work environments, then we encourage you to apply. JCC Early Learning Centers are places where teachers are encouraged to bring their passion for children, creating wonderful memories while building character and providing valuable education. Our curriculum is characterized by understanding the unique needs of each child, co-creation with the children, building a vibrant classroom community and strong partnerships with the parents.

Our educational framework, called Sheva (which is the Hebrew word for the number seven) outlines a vision of excellence in Jewish early childhood education, serving as a guidepost to position JCC early childhood centers of excellence in their communities, binding them together across the continent. Sheva: Resource Guide for Classroom Educators is an important guidepost for the work of the Educator.

Our teachers are supported in their professionally development through seven professional development days per year with fellow staff from our four early learning centers, as well as opportunities for specialized skill development.

JCC teachers bring warmth, patience, and understanding to the classroom every day, encouraging our children to learn and grow. Teachers in our programs are committed to making our schools successful. They know that creating meaningful relationships with children, families, other teachers and our leadership plays a critical role in our planning and provide impactful, joyful experiences which foster capable, happy children.

Everyone is Welcome

JCC Greater Boston welcomes staff from diverse backgrounds. Our children also come from diverse backgrounds.

If you are committed to the field of early childhood education, value collegial and collaborative work environments, have familiarity with Jewish culture and philosophy, or are interested in growing in these areas, then we encourage you to apply.

Health & Safety

JCC Greater Boston takes the welfare and safety of staff and children very seriously. Over 99% of our staff have been vaccinated. We have aligned all of our operating procedures with guidance from the CDC and the state. Our practices include ensuring proper physical distancing, sanitation, hygiene, and use of face coverings, when appropriate, to promote the health of our staff and program participants.

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