Please feel free to speak with our aquatics staff at 617.558.6442 or email us at if you have any questions, or to enroll your child. Two-way communication plays an essential role in developing a happy, healthy swimmer!

Why choose the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy at JCC Greater Boston?

  • The Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy, or LKSA, develops muscle strength, confidence and self-esteem in children as young as three months. The schedule is flexible. Swimmers can enter the program at any time and progress at their own pace — no need to wait for a new class to start. Water safety is a key part of the program — even infants can be taught these essential skills.

What does the program involve?

  • Students are taught the SwimRight® method, which focuses on correct body positioning and proper alignment from the early stages of lessons. Progress is captured in personal swimming journals complete with fun exercises and lots of positive reinforcement.
  • Every 8 weeks, swimmers participate in safety tests to confirm their proficiency, enabling them to move ahead with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

My child doesn’t want to swim. What can I do?

  • You can reassure your swimmer that everyone, including swimming instructors, knows and understands that water can be a scary environment. As we learn and build on the fundamentals — floating, breathing, and propulsio — swimming becomes a fun, healthy activity. Your commitment and perseverance will help your swimmer achieve these goals.

What is the process for enrolling?

  • Every swimmer is evaluated and assigned to an initial learning level and to an instructor based on the schedule you choose. Contact us at 617.558.6442 or for a free evauation and to enroll. From there, your swimmer will progress based on proficiency in the skills taught.

What are the enrollment options?

  • For swimmers under the age of two, there are two options: private lessons or parent-tot. If you wish to be hands-on in introducing your child to the water, parent-tot is a good option. Once they have learned the basic skills and are ready to move on, private lessons will be the next step until age three. If your goal is independence and water safety but you prefer not to get wet, choose private lessons. For swimmers age two and up, you can choose either private or group lessons. Group lessons are recommended for children who are happy and cooperative in swim instruction. The student/teacher ratio is 4:1 for beginner classes. If your child is more tentative, you may wish to start with private lessons with the goal of moving toward group lessons.

How many lessons do you recommend?

  • Learning to swim requires practice. Two or more lessons per week are beneficial, but consistency is more important. Year-round lessons taken once per week build on this life skill. If your swimmer needs or wants extra help, the frequency of lessons can be increased. Please discuss your goals for the lessons with your instructor so that they can support you and your swimmer.

Who are the teachers?

  • All of our teachers are certified instructors in the SwimRight® method.

How do we schedule around vacations?

  • Swim lessons are billed (invoice or EFT) on a monthly basis. If you have a vacation or hiatus planned, please notify the Aquatics Department (617.558.6442) at least 24 hours prior to the first class your child will miss. If you do not notify the JCC Aquatics Department of your plans, you will be billed for the lesson(s) you miss. There are no exceptions.

What should you bring to class?

  • All swimmers need to bring a bathing suit and towel, along with the swim cap and progress book you will receive when you register for lessons. All children ages 3.5 or under must wear a swim diaper and waterproof vinyl swim pant under their bathing suits.

How can I help my swimmer outside of class?

  • Make use of free swim time as an opportunity to reinforce love and respect for the water. From time to time, your instructor may also suggest an activity or technique to practice. Please feel free to ask for ideas!