*Below was our policy for Summer 2021. This page will be updated for Summer 2022 based on state and local guidelines as we get closer to summer.

Summer 2021

How we are keeping our families and staff safe: As we have stated all along, we are following the Massachusetts guidance and specifically the Standards for Camps provided by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for our COVID policies. Based on the latest announcements and regulations, we are pleased to share our COVID related plans.

Mask Policy All* campers and staff will be required to wear masks while:

  • on the buses to and from camp,
  • going to, from, and in the parking lot at pick up and drop off,
  • and whenever indoors – including when using the bathrooms and changing rooms.
    • *Vaccinated campers and staff are not required to mask indoors when able to distance from children and/or other unvaccinated individuals.
  • Campers and staff will not be required to wear a mask outdoors during the camp day (except during pick-up and drop-off as stated above).
  • Of course, we respect anyone’s choice to wear a mask even more than required, and staff will reiterate that to their campers so all feel comfortable no matter their decision.
  • We ask that all campers wear a mask to camp, bring an extra, and bring a ziplock baggie (with their name on it) in which they will place their mask when they are not wearing it. Counselors for our younger campers will carry all baggies so that masks are available when needed.  
  • We will also have extra, disposable, masks throughout camp for use when needed.

Group size and mixing

  • Bunk numbers will be typical (about 15 per bunk for our younger campers, and about 10-12 per bunk for our campers going into 3rd grade and up).
  • Most bunks will ‘mix” with other assigned “buddy bunks" to allow for some choice in activities, but also limit exposure and to facilitate contact tracing.  
  • Older campers may mix more liberally, outside, for sports, Maccabiah and choice periods. Distancing will be encouraged a much as possible in those situations.  


  • We have modified our schedules to allow for extra time between periods for hand washing and/or sanitizing. Our counselors will carry hand sanitizer and supervise its use. If you do not want us to use hand sanitizer on your children, please complete this form.


  • Almost all activities will take place outside.
  • Some activities, such as gymnastics, some ceramics (when on the wheel), sewing (when on machines), video production (when editing) and some cooking, may take place inside, in which case your camper, all unvaccinated staff, and vaccinated staff with whom they have direct, close contact, will be masked.


  • We strongly encourage all staff and eligible campers to be vaccinated. We will ask for everyone’s vaccination status prior to camp.


  • Although no longer mandated, Massachusetts guidelines still advise that screening is critical for camps. We will use mymedbot app for all campers and staff daily attestation about health and activities.
  • We hope this app will continue to reinforce all of our vigilance throughout this summer. More information on this app and its use will be sent closer to camp.

Travel Policy

  • We will continue to follow the Massachusetts guidelines regarding travel. Currently Massachusetts is under a travel advisory, not mandate.
  • We ask that families be open about travel and exposure in our daily screenings, and consider the safety of all when making decisions about travel and  even in state activities.

Surveillance Testing for COVID-19 

  • We are thrilled to share that we will be offering surveillance testing as part of health and safety efforts in our community!
  • All campers and vaccinated staff are strongly encouraged (and unvaccinated staff required) to enroll in this free program.
  • We expect camper testing to take place weekly, and will be by bunk and built into the camp day so there will be no disruption to your camper’s schedule.
  • For more information, please go to Surveillance Program Testing FAQ's.
  • To sign up, please complete the Consent Form for Families and then visit How to Download the Navica App for Families.
  • If you have any specific questions regarding the testing program, please contact Liane Weber, lweber@jccgb.org for more details.