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Fitness Center Etiquette Quiz

1. After you complete your reps and sets on an exercise machine, you should:(Required)
2. Which of the following are allowed in the fitness center?(Required)
3. When listening to music, it is required to use headphones/earbuds:(Required)
4. You should allow other members to work in on the machine you are using while you are in between sets/resting when the fitness center is crowded:(Required)
5. When you finish a circuit on the turf using plyometric boxes, dumbbells and an agility ladder, you should:(Required)
6. It is acceptable to wear flip-flops or to walk around barefoot in the fitness center:(Required)
7. If you receive a phone call while you are in the fitness center, you should:(Required)
8. What is the required minimum age to work out in the fitness center?(Required)
9. If a staff member asks you a question, you should:(Required)
10. Generally speaking, what should you do while in the fitness center?(Required)

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