We’re excited to have your child join us this summer at Specialty Camps! On this page, you’ll find forms you need to complete, as well as important information to help you prepare for a summer of fun and skill building.

Camp Forms

What should campers bring to camp?

Every camper should bring a water bottle, sunscreen, bathing suit, towel, bathing cap (for the indoor pool in inclement weather) and a hat.

Swim camp participants should bring a water bottle, competitive swimsuit, two towels, flip-flops, goggles, bathing cap, comfortable workout clothes and sneakers each day.

You will receive more information two weeks before your child attends camp, including further details of what to bring, including specific sports equipment.


All Speciality Camps provide a lunch period. Please send your child to camp with a kosher (vegetarian or dairy) lunch and snack in an insulated bag or container. We are a peanut free camp. Please refrain from packing peanuts for your child.

For an additional fee, campers can pre-order lunches from the on-site café. Details are available by contacting sports@jccgb.org or 617.558.6486. Lunch forms above.


Camp is staffed by a registered nurse (RN) and a physician on call. In case of an emergency, the local hospital is less than five miles away from the JCC.

JCC Specialty Camps are in compliance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health policies and are inspected and licensed by the City of Newton Department of Public Health.

Parents can request copies of background checks, health care and discipline policies, as well as procedures for filing grievances.

Sun Safety

Children will be outdoors for many activities during the camp day and should arrive with sunscreen applied. Staff will make time for children to reapply throughout the camp day. Parents can also give permission for staff to help younger children apply sunscreen.

Hydration is also very important, and water is available for campers throughout the day. Staff will encourage children to stay hydrated. Parents are asked to do the same.