A Passover Message

Planting Seeds Together for a Vibrant Jewish Future

By Mark Sokoll
A Passover Message

More than any moment in the calendar year, participation in a Passover Seder affirms the diversity and vitality of Jewish life in America. With the Passover Seder, we plant seeds of community for future generations and welcome in the renewal spring brings.  

The Passover Seder can represent a blend of new teachings brought to the table by children, traditions and practices passed on by adults, and shared gratitude for this moment together. It’s up to each of you to decide what songs to sing, which foods to share, and how you will navigate tradition and contemporary additions. And what we'll do this year will be an important part of our family Passover stories forever.

As many of us practice social distancing to protect our families and Kehillah, community, this year’s Seder might look different than originally planned. Whether you are joining around a smaller table, or perhaps connecting virtually, Passover’s blessings and shared stories have a new and deeper meaning this year.

When we talk about the prejudice against the Jews in Egypt, how do we see prejudice today as the world deals with a global health crisis? When we talk about exile, how are we personally experiencing this as we navigate our way through social distancing as a community? What does freedom from slavery mean for all of us now that we are "enslaved" to an invisible captor? We are rethinking all of this as we rewrite our Family Four Questions for Passover 5780/2020. 

As you get ready for your version of kids searching for the hidden Matzo, horseradish, and Haroset, we invite you to explore the beauty of Passover with these fun moments and share them with family and friends.  

We want you to feel not only supported but also embraced, as you find your own place in shared experiences. JCC Greater Boston is at the heart of a supportive and welcoming Jewish community. Each of you is our community, irreplaceable, and critical to creating a thriving Jewish future.  

May you be blessed to share a sweet and Happy Passover. 

Mark Sokoll 
JCC Greater Boston, President/CEO 

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