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Gear up for Summer 2022 at the Outdoor Pool!  

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Family Flex 

The Family Flex membership was created for families who want to take advantage of the Outdoor Pool while also enjoying some of the key benefits of a JCC Greater Boston membership for a lower price than the typical full family membership.  Enjoy classes, workshops, seasonal events, fitness, indoor play spaces and more to get you through the winter, and into summer 2022. 

Register today and pay only $98/month, after initial payment*: 

  • Full access** to Outdoor Pool for summer 2022 season (no timeslots or reservations) 
  • Two Leventhal-Sidman JCC Family Flex visits per month through August (think swim, open gym, and more fun for the whole family!)
  • The Platinum JCCGB+ virtual membership  
  • And exclusive member pricing for classes, events, camps, and more 
*Based on 10 payments of $98/month starting in October. For enrollments after October, your first payment will be:
Enrollment Month First Payment
December $294
January $392
February $490
March $588
First payment due at enrollment, remainder of the payments will be processed on the first day of each month through July.  The Family Flex membership ends when the outdoor pool closes on Labor Day.


**Return to original full access Outdoor Pool model is subject to public health conditions and advisories.