What are the construction plans for the Leventhal-Sidman Center?

The first phase of the project will create high quality dedicated health and wellness facilities and modern, flexible spaces for community, classes, early learning, and camp. We will build an addition off the lower level (pool level) of the JCC and renovate all three floors on the JCC’s southwest side (facing the outdoor pool and conservation land behind the building), including:

  • Completely renovated locker rooms…Improved amenities for adults in adult-only locker rooms; accessible gender neutral and family changing rooms; and brand new boys’ and girls’ locker rooms for our campers, swimmers and our other youth users.
  • A state-of-the-art Fitness Center...Overlooking the conservation land around the JCC. Two levels of light-filled cardio and weight equipment; a functional training space; a new turf training surface perfect for agility training to replicate the look and feel of being on natural grass for added resistance; dedicated stretching area; and a new stadium style cycle studio with upgraded ventilation and sound.
  • Updated adult group fitness studio with robust class offerings; new Yoga and Pilates studios.
  • A dedicated wing for families...New children’s gym; space designed especially for babies and toddlers; a dance studio; babysitting room; and a new gathering space so caregivers can connect while their children are at play.

What is the timeline for construction?

Construction is expected to begin in Spring 2018 and finish in Fall 2018.

How can I get involved and find out more information?

  • Check here during construction for ongoing updates
  • Support the Capital Campaign. Every gift matters. Click here to donate

How will you communicate with members about construction impact?

It’s an exciting time at JCC Greater Boston and there will be a lot of details to communicate to our members and users. We plan to update our community in several ways: via a dedicated section of our website, through email as needed, and by posting signs in the building. If you have opted out of JCC community emails, please contact us at reimagine@jccgb.org to rejoin this important communication system.

When will you know more about the daily impact of construction?

We will have much more detailed information to share around the impact of construction on the day-to-day operations of the building beginning in March. Right now we are still working through operational details and don’t have more to share at this moment. Over the course of construction, we intend to communicate any project updates and facility/schedule changes (i.e. parking) primarily via email. If you do not currently receive JCC Greater Boston emails and would like to either subscribe or re-subscribe to our email list, please contact reimagine@jccgb.org for instructions on how to do so.

How will parking be impacted during the project?

We are very aware of the need for smooth and easy access to the building at all times. We want to limit the impact on parking as much possible. If there are any adjustments to parking, we will clearly communicate those to our community on a regular and timely basis. Staging of and delivery routes for construction materials and machinery will be worked out over the course of the late winter and early spring with an eye to your convenience and safety. We’ll provide abundant signage and, if need be, staff, in the lot during busy times to make sure your access is unimpeded.

Who will help people navigate the building during and after construction?

Our front desk staff will be available to help our members and users notify a JCC Greater Boston representative to help navigate the building during construction, if needed. We want all users who come through our doors to be comfortable and will make every effort to help everyone get acclimated to the facility during and after construction.

Will there be disruption to the outdoor pool?

We do not anticipate disruption to the operation of the outdoor pool. That said, there might be certain days where this is some impact and we will communicate via our website, email and signs around the building well in advance.

Will there be disruption to the indoor pool?

No, the indoor pool will remain open during construction. The current locker rooms will undergo a complete renovation and will be closed during that phase of the project. Temporary facilities will be set up for showering and changing.

When do you think the building will be closed, if at all?

The Leventhal Sidman Center will remain open throughout construction and we will provide the same health and fitness offerings we typically do during the summer. The main impact will be in the locker room area. We will be able to be more specific about the timing of each part of the project in the early spring, and we will communicate with you about the expected schedule as soon as we have more information.

How will I benefit from the construction?

This renovation will benefit every user with an upgraded Fitness Center, new locker rooms with better experiences and amenities for adults, and separate spaces for children and those who need private changing spaces, and a family wing to better support our users who care for young children.

We are so excited that this renovation will enable our organization to provide the up-to-date dedicated spaces that better meet the needs of our community. More convenient and consolidated access points; better community gathering spaces; and a modern, updated design will ensure that both new and longtime members have a warm, meaningful experience while visiting the Leventhal-Sidman Center.

Specifically, members and users will enjoy:

  • Completely renovated locker rooms for both children and adults, including gender neutral changing areas, will allow fitness users, swimmers, campers and preschoolers to have clean, appropriate and modern spaces that meet their needs.
  • A state-of–the-art fitness center featuring many improvements from an entirely new cardio deck and training floor to a stadium-style cycle studio. A new fitness studio lobby will allow members to connect, while adding the convenience of cubbies and benches for quick changes.
  • New and renovated studios with more natural light and amenities.
  • A brand new Family Resource Wing that will provide convenient, fun, family- and child-friendly spaces for families with children days old through elementary ages. A planned lounge allows caregivers to connect while their children play in age-appropriate spaces with much needed amenities nearby.

Will the amenities currently available in the Woman’s Adult Locker Room be available in the new general women’s locker room?  

Yes! Thanks to our ongoing feedback loop, we are excited to confirm the following amenities will remain in the new and improved Women's Locker Room.  

  • Whirlpool
  • Sauna
  • Steam

In addition, while we are still working out the operational details, we do expect to offer the following options on an a-la-carte basis:

  • Towel service
  • Private locker with laundry service

We believe this new women's locker room with its spa-like finishes, will offer each of you a better experience when you visit JCC Greater Boston's Leventhal-Sidman Center. Thank you for your support as we move through this project!

Did members input into this new design?

Yes and we are so grateful for your input and support thus far. Since 2010, we have had members providing input in the following ways:

  • 2010-2011 – Community Charrettes
  • 2011 – Feasibility study/member interviews
  • April 2013 – Member input surveys
  • May 2013 – Member input sessions
  • 2013 - present – Parlor Meetings
  • 2013 – present – Volunteer Committees (including Design)
  • 2015-2016 – Committee led updated analysis of current community and business needs to refine final design plans

How will the Leventhal-Sidman Center construction be funded?

This projected is fully funded through philanthropy. These funds are made up of generous contributions from the Greater Boston Jewish community, JCC members, staff and friends to our organization. We have no plans to raise member rates to pay for construction and have carefully planned for and managed our funds to support the work we are planning.

Will you reward membership loyalty during construction?

We are tremendously grateful to our members; you support everything we do. Construction will have impact at some times on the member and user experience. Besides doing what we can to reduce these impacts to be as small as possible and providing abundant and up-to-date communications on construction impacts, we plan to lock in membership rates at current pricing, promotional rates not included, for two years for those members who retain their membership throughout the construction period of May-October 2018 as a way of expressing our deep thanks. Throughout this entire process we will continue to show our appreciation and provide fun ways for members to stay engaged and involved.

How will member usage be disrupted?

The Leventhal Sidman Center will remain open throughout construction and we will provide the same health and fitness offerings we typically do during the summer: The Fitness Center indoor and outdoor pools, and basketball gym will be open; fitness classes will run in all of the studios. Disruption on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Health & Wellness Wing will be minimal and occurring for a short period near the end of the project. For example, the Fitness Center will close for a short period of time in order to move the equipment from the current location to its new location.

There will be significant impact on the ground floor in the locker room areas. The current locker rooms will not be accessible for the majority of the construction. Temporary facilities will be set up for showering and changing. In addition, Connections Physical Therapy will be moving locations in February.

Do you anticipate changes to class schedules during construction?

Class schedules will remain as they usually do in the summer, however there may be some minor disruptions based on the construction schedule. 

Do you anticipate changes to membership rates?

We do not anticipate changes to membership fees in the near future.

Will there be additional security during construction? 

The project itself provides little opportunity for any unknown person to enter the JCC. The construction of the addition will be self-contained. Once the addition is opened to the locker rooms, there will be barriers between the locker rooms and the rest of the facility both for security reasons and to prevent dust and chemicals getting through.

In addition, we have specifically chosen our construction company as they have experience renovating buildings within the Jewish community and are sensitive to security needs. We will be working closely with them to make sure we are adopting all necessary procedures to keep the building safe and secure.

Finally, the JCC brings on additional security staff every summer to ensure the safety of our campers. This summer that policy remains the same.

What will be used in terms of chemicals, equipment, specific materials, etc and how might they impact the environment and our health and safety?

During construction, we will share information about the work and materials used. We have had an environmental study done, so we know that we will not dig up anything dangerous in or under the soil during any excavation work. We’ll try to control the dust as best we can. The construction area is quite far from well-used areas such as the Godine playground, Pavilion, and West Lawn, and the bulk of the JCC facility is between the construction and these areas. We will, of course, follow all health and safety guidelines around the use of chemicals and materials.

One reason we are completely closing the locker rooms and doing that work at once, rather than in phases over a longer period of time, is so that we can minimize exposure to any dust from demolition and to adhesives or solvents used during renovation. The indoor pool ventilation system is completely separate from the locker room and hallway systems, and barriers will be in place to control migration of chemicals or dust from the locker rooms to the pool area. Other than visiting the pool, there will be no reason for a JCC user to be on the ground level at all during construction.

Will there be additional construction?

Later renovations to the Leventhal Sidman Center will involve renovating the lobby space to be more welcoming, comfortable, secure and expansive, re-designing the café and building a state of the art teaching kitchen for all ages. Future phases of Our Campaign to Re-imagine the JCC include capital improvements at Camp Grossman, Godine Early Learning Center, and a new Early Learning Center North of Boston.

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Leventhal-Sidman Center Construction Details

The initial phase of this project will focus on a new state-of-the-art fitness center and fully renovated locker rooms for adults and children helping to build community and improve accessibility at the Leventhal-Sidman Center.

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