We have made the difficult decision not to open the Outdoor Pool this year due to required health and social distancing restrictions.

Outdoor Pool Hours

Sunday9am - 7pm
Monday9am - 7:30pm
Tuesday9am - 7:30pm
Wednesday9am - 7:30pm
Thursday9am - 7:30pm
Friday9am - 7pm
Saturday10am - 7pm

Hours are subject to change due to weather conditions. Please check your email or call 617.558.6580 for daily updates.

Memorial, Independence, Labor Day: 10am - 7pm.

JCafé Poolside Hours

Sunday12pm - 6:30pm
Monday12pm - 6:30pm
Tuesday12pm - 6:30pm
Wednesday12pm - 6:30pm
Thursday12pm - 6:30pm
Friday12pm - 6pm

Memorial, Independence, Labor Day: 11:30am - 6:30pm. Friday grill orders must be in by 5:30pm.

Adult Lap Swim Membership Hours

Sunday9am - 10am
Monday5:30am - 9am
Tuesday7am - 11am
Wednesday5:30am - 9am
Thursday7am - 11am
Friday5:30am - 9am

Memorial, Independence, Labor Day: Closed