Stop by The JCafé for a healthy, kosher meal or pick-up a ready-to-heat family dinner and take the stress out of your evening routine.

The JCafé featuring meals from Tova’s Catering is open Sunday to Friday.

Stop by for a selection of freshly prepared Certified Kosher meals. Chose from:

  • Grab & Go Lunches
  • Ready-To-Heat Entrees
  • Shabbat Sha-box – Pre-order an effortless meal including soup, salad, dinner and dessert for four from Tova’s Catering and pick at the Leventhal-Sidman Center
  • Challah loaves, Challah rolls and more

In a hurry? Pick-up a Grab & Go Lunch in the lobby on your way in or out for a healthy lunch to eat now or later.