The practice of yoga forms a connection between body, mind and spirit.  Yoga has health and healing benefits for people of all ages and levels of fitness.

Yoga is the union between mind, body and breath. It is a whole body workout that improves strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.

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Private Yoga

Private Yoga is perfect for the newbie yogi seeking to learn the fundamentals of yoga practice in a relaxed setting or for the seasoned practitioner striving to deepen their practice.

Our experienced yoga instructors work one-on-one with individuals to customize the yoga practice based on an individual's needs and goals. Sessions may include working on yoga postures and movement to build strength and flexibility, breathing techniques and meditation to calm the mind and relax the body, and strategies to increase overall self-awareness.

For New Yoga Clients

For Existing Yoga Clients

Private Yoga Rates

 CostMember Cost
5-Session Packages  
10-Session Packages  
  • All sessions are 55 minutes.
  • Sessions scheduled by appointment only.
  • Payment in full must be made prior to session.
  • 24-hour notice required for cancellations. If an appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours before scheduled time, the full session fee will be charged.
  • Pricing subject to change.
  • No refunds, transfers or extensions on any packages.

To schedule your appointment or for more information about private yoga training, contact 617.558.6460 or

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