Parkinson’s Wellness Programs and Care Partner Support Group

JCC Greater Boston, in partnership with the Movement Disorder Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, is committed to serving all adults affected by Parkinson's Disease and their families. We offer a variety of exercise classes, support group with a Licensed Social Worker and educational events to support people with Parkinson's in slowing disease progression and minimizing symptoms, while providing a nurturing environment for families to share information and provide emotional support.

In collaboration with the medical community, local organizations and experienced instructor staff, we strive to help our Parkinson's Community live their best, fullest life in the spirit of overall wellness and health. 

This program is open to anyone affected by Parkinson’s. You do not have to be Jewish to participate.

Living Alone with Parkinson’s: Your Health & Wellness Connection

LAWHC is a FREE program designed to address the effects of living alone with Parkinson's combined with COVID pandemic stressors including social isolation, impact on mood and other health problems.  LAWHC links participants with skilled facilitators to improve nutrition, build emotional resilience, community support & more.  Participants plan for current/future needs via care management and a home safety assessment by an occupational therapist.  LAWHC will begin April - December 2021 and all prospective participants must apply by March 12 via the link below, or call Becca Stubbs at 910-863-1415.​ 

*This program is made possible with the help of a special donor in partnership with the Parkinson's Center of Excellence at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. 

Exercise and Movement Classes

Support Group for Caregivers

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