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What We're All About

We're Child-Centered: At a JCC Early Learning Center, your child can explore their interests and passions through hands-on learning experiences.

We're Focused on Healthy Development: We take a whole child approach, supporting your child's development in all areas. We emphasize social-emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being — because we want your child to learn and thrive.

We're Open to All: Our diverse school community welcomes families of all faiths, and we are experienced working with bilingual children.

Children reading

Warm & Welcoming

The benefits of JCC Early Learning Centers extend beyond the classroom.

When you're part of our JCC Early Learning center family, you’ll be warmly welcomed into a wonderful community of families with young children.

Here, you'll have the chance to participate in JCC early parenting programs and take advantage of a plethora of opportunities to connect with other families from all over Greater Boston.

Who We Are

We take pride in our talented, experienced, and dedicated educators.

Our teachers and leadership are not only constantly seeking opportunities for professional development, mentorship, and training — they take every chance to share their expertise with each other, too.

In fact, many of our staff are respected leaders in the early education community, both locally and nationally. Their passion for excellence in teaching and child development is evident in everything they do, and we couldn't be more proud of their impact.

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Brookline Early Learning Center

Playful & Inviting

Explore our bright and modern spaces!

  • Our sunlit classrooms and spacious outdoor and indoor play areas are full of endless opportunities for interactive, stimulating, and creative play.
  • With an arsenal of dynamic, age-appropriate materials, we offer a balance of structure and freedom for your child to explore and discover — supporting their curiosity, imagination, growth, and development.

Take a look inside our Godine Early Learning Center in Newton and see for yourself all the fun that awaits your little ones.

What Makes a JCC Early Learning Center Different?

  1. We understand your family needs. We have carefully designed our programs to provide flexible enrollment options that work for today’s busy families.
  2. We are part of the JCC – and so are you. JCC programs and events include fun-filled family events, holiday celebrations, and activities throughout the year. Your child will enjoy exposure to enrichment activities, swimming (at some locations), music, theater, dance, and more.
  3. We inspire a love of learning at every age. We find every opportunity to develop your child’s language, literacy, and math skills, with age-appropriate and fun activities. When the time for elementary school comes, your child will be ready.
  4. We see children as strong and capable learners. Your child’s interests and discoveries drive the classroom experience — we integrate and structure personalized learning opportunities based upon your child’s passions.
  5. We have the advantage of size. With four early learning center locations, our staff regularly shares their knowledge and best practices across our locations. Your child benefits from the collective wisdom of our outstanding staff, wherever you are enrolled.
  6. We integrate Jewish values and traditions into our curriculum. We explore the fullness of living in a multicultural world while celebrating our Jewish heritage through songs, Shabbat, Jewish holidays, blessings, stories, dance, and exposure to the Hebrew language. There are no expectations or requirements of background, belief, or practice — everyone can benefit from the learning opportunities that come from Jewish values, and all are welcome!
  7. We have on-staff child development specialists. Under the umbrella of our Ledgewood Child Development Program, our specialists provide assessment, expertise, and coaching. Your child will receive support, when needed, to build competency-based skills at all stages of development.
  8. We build social and emotional competency. Research shows that the development of prosocial skills is a key predictor of future success in school and life. JCC educators employ a curriculum approach called “Social Thinking” to help children express their feelings, listen to others, take turns, and develop friendships.
  9. We focus on healthy living. Your child will participate in Discover: CATCH, a world-class childhood wellness program that creates an early awareness of healthy nutritional habits and a love of physical activity — helping to develop a lifelong appreciation and commitment to wellness.
  10. We are NAEYC accredited. You can feel confident knowing we are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) — the highest mark of quality in our field. We are also licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (DEEC).