Walk into a JCC Early Learning Center (ELC), and you will see the children playing, moving and having fun. It’s hard not to feel their joy. ELC kids are active and engaged learners!

Registration is open for the 2021-2022 school year! Limited space available, to learn more about our schools, schedule a virtual visit today.

The staff truly nurture the children and work to meet their individual needs.

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Child-Centered Learning with a Jewish Foundation

Looking for more than “daycare”? At our Early Learning Centers, your child’s curiosity and passions will be nurtured with learning experiences based on their interests. Our experienced educators support the “whole child,” including social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.  

Your child will learn and grow in an environment infused with Jewish culture, values and traditions. We explore Jewish life in the context of today’s world. Families of all faiths are welcome in our warm and inclusive pre-schools.

When your child attends a JCC ELC, you’ll be part of the JCC community. Many parents tell us they have made life-long friends with families they’ve met through us.  

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We invite you to experience all the fun and learning that goes on in our classrooms. Visit us to see if a JCC ELC is right for your family.

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Warm Welcoming Community

ELC Leadership

Our teachers and directors take advantage of every opportunity for mentoring, training and sharing best practices across all our Centers. Many are sought after as early education leaders on the local and national level.

What Makes Us Different

The benefits of the JCC ELCs extend beyond the classroom. You’ll be warmly welcomed into a community of families with young children. And you can also choose to participate in JCC Early Parenting Programs, plus family events and activities throughout the year.

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