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Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited to share the plans for the transformation of the Leventhal-Sidman JCC. If you have additional questions that aren't highlighted below, please reach out to us at You will receive a response within 48 hours.

What is the construction and how long will it last?

The final phase of the re-imagined Leventhal-Sidman JCC is the transformation of the lobby & café. We anticipate construction to begin in late August 2020 and continue for 4-6 months.

These news spaces will be designed to ensure that everyone who enters the JCC feels welcome, safe, and connected to their Jewish identity and community. The three primary goals of this phase of construction include:

  • Creating a more welcome environment for all members, users, and staff
  • Increasing gathering spaces and enhancing opportunities for how members connect with each other and the community
  • Improving security and streamlining access procedures
  • Supporting a smooth and safe member experience
  • Enhancing the food experience and wellness programming
  • New catering and teaching kitchen facilities offer programming to nurture the mind, body, and spirit

What is closing in the Leventhal-Sidman JCC?

The Leventhal Sidman JCC will remain open throughout construction. New pathways to enter our building will be created during construction and our goal is to minimize our member and user disruption. There will be no impact on programming for the Godine Early Learning Center, Winn Family & Wellness Center, George Schultz Fitness Center, locker rooms or indoor pool.

How will you communicate with members about construction impact?

During construction, we will update our community in several ways: via a dedicated section of our website, Sunday construction email updates, and signs posted in the building. If you have opted out of JCC Greater Boston emails, please contact us at to rejoin this important communication system.

Will parking be impacted during the project?

No. We are very aware of the need for smooth and easy access to the building at all times. Delivery routes for construction materials and machinery will be worked out with an eye to your convenience and safety. We'll provide abundant signage and, if need be, staff, in the lot during busy times to make sure your access is unimpeded.

Will there be disruption to the indoor pool?

No, the indoor pool will remain open during construction.

Did members input into this new design?

Yes, and we are so grateful for your input and support thus far. Since 2010, we have had members providing input in the following ways:

  • 2010-2011 – Community Charrettes
  • 2011 – Feasibility study/member interviews
  • April 2013 – Member input surveys
  • May 2013 – Member input sessions
  • 2013 - present – Parlor Meetings
  • 2013 – present – Volunteer Committees (including Design)
  • 2015-2016 – Committee led updated analysis of current community and business needs to refine final design plans

How will the construction be funded?

This project is fully funded through philanthropy. These funds are made up of generous contributions from the Greater Boston Jewish community, JCC Greater Boston members, staff and friends to our organization.

Will there be additional security during construction?

The transformation of the Leventhal-Sidman JCC lobby and café provides little opportunity for any unknown person to enter JCC Greater Boston. The construction team will be sealed off from other areas of the building and all work will happen behind closed walls. In the few instances where construction workers need to enter the building to complete work, they will be vetted by a JCC staff member as part of our normal security procedures. All workers inside the building will have visitor tags to make them easily visible to our staff and members.

In addition, we have chosen our construction company, in part because of their experience renovating buildings within the Jewish community and are sensitive to security needs. We work closely with them to make sure we have all necessary procedures to keep the building safe and secure.

What will be used in terms of chemicals, equipment, specific materials, etc and how might they impact the environment and our health and safety?

We follow all health and safety guidelines around the use of chemicals and materials. During construction, we will share information about the work and materials used as available.

Is there more construction after this?

Yes! So many children - and in many instances, their parents - have called Camp Grossman a summer home. We are picturing what the next forty years will look like for the camp and for our Jewish community. You can learn more about the start of Our Campaign to Re-imagine the JCC Camp Grossman here.

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