Just for Moms: Pelvic Floor & Nutrition Workshop

Sunday, November 18, 3-5pm
Leventhal-Sidman Center
333 Nahanton Street
Dr. Tessa Rowin and Diana Orenstein
One time event
Adults only

Giving birth can wreak havoc on our bodies. This workshop incorporates two key elements in getting our bodies back on track whether right after giving birth or down the road. Physical therapist Tessa Rowin will discuss common pelvic floor issues, proper body mechanics for carrying infants and toddlers to minimize injury, and teach strengthening exercises for the core and pelvic girdle which are areas of lifetime "interest." Nutritionist Diana Orenstein specializes in women's health for all ages. She will address areas of interest ranging from post partum nutrition and weight loss, allergy management in breast-fed babies to long term weight strategies. Light bites included. Wear comfortable clothing. Partner/caregiver and kids can use the Gallery space during workshop.

Dr. Tessa Rowin received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the MGH Institute of Health Professions and is also an orthopedic clinical specialist in physical therapy. She is the owner of Ambition Physical Therapy & Wellness.

Diana Orenstein is a licensed registered dietician with a private practice in Newton and the owner of Fresh Start Women's Nutrition. She is also affiliated with Newton-Wellesley Hospital and has collaborated in writing many articles, books and educational resources.

Supported by CJP Welcome Baby! Initiative