How Food Affects a Child's Mood and What To Do

Thursday, March 19, 7-8:30pm
Community Room, Leventhal-Sidman JCC
333 Nahanton Street
Danielle Shea Tan
One time event
For adults with children of any age

What goes into your child's body has a HUGE impact on his or her ability to thrive, sleep, manage big emotions and even transition from one activity to another or one place to another. If her diet is missing critical nutrients, the seemingly normal tasks of everyday life become daunting and almost impossible. Picky eaters are even more likely to be missing core nutrients for emotional balance. In this workshop, Danielle Shea Tan, author of 52 Small Changes for the Family and Functional Family Nutritionist, will discuss the science-behind how food impacts mood and behavior in children. You'll be surprised to learn that sugar isn't the only culprit that affects mood! She'll share simple strategies for fueling your family with nutrients to support a healthy, balanced emotional life. Join us for an engaging discussion that is sure to help your children tackle life with vigor, clarity and calm.

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