Mondays, 9-9:30am, June 22 - July 20
Zoom Session
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Sheryl White
Recurring Class
6-18 months (pre-verbal)

Join renowned expert Sheryl White of Baby Kneads as you and your baby learn and practice signs in this interactive and engaging virtual class.

Learn how to teach American Sign Language to your baby! You will learn everything that you need to know to get started signing right away. Each week participants will "bring" props to class so that Sheryl can help you bring the virtual program to life. Weekly handouts provided as well.

 Benefits of Baby Sign Language:

-Reduces Frustration for everyone.

-Gives babies the ability to express themselves before they can speak.

-Accelerates babies development of speech.

-Enhances early literacy skills.

-Can be more content.

-Deepens bonding.

A private Zoom link and additional information will be sent before each class.

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Sheryl White of Baby Kneads has been teaching programs and working with families since 1999. She is a Certified Educator of Infant Massage, Baby Signer, Reiki Master and mother of three. Her role in these classes is to facilitate and help strangthen the connection beteen infant and caregiver through early communication.