Bost(ON)Summer, JCC Greater Boston and CJP are excited to bring your family "summer-in-a-box," filled with engaging crafts and projects to do together, shared through the Jewish values of care and friendship.

Welcome to the C.A.R.E. Crate activity library! Here you'll find step-by-step tutorial videos and PDF's, a special jump rope work out and a bonus planting activity.

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Taking Care of Animals

Tza'ar Ba'alei Chayim

Bird Bath
Supplies: planter and base, mosaic tiles, tacky glue

  1. Flip base upside down so the bottom of the planter is facing up.
  2. Glue the planter dish to the base (plate should be facing up).
  3. Glue mosaic tiles to the inside of the lid and around the planter.
  4. Place your bird bath outside and fill your dish with water.

Taking Care of Our Bodies

Shmirat Haguf

DIY Jump Rope Kit
Supplies: cord, two jump rope handles, two washers, beads


Note: These jump ropes can be cut to size. Create the jump rope and trim rope before closing with the second washer and handle. It’s better for it to be a little longer than a little short.

Acts of Loving Kindness


Kindness Rock
Supplies: rocks, paint, paintbrushes


  • With your own designs and words, paint your rocks with lots of color and messages of love and joy.
  • Place the rocks around your neighborhood or outside of places that need some extra love and support (hospitals, elderly homes, grocery stores).

Share photos of your family’s creations on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #bostoncarecrate!



Friendship Bracelets
Supplies: string, pipe cleaners, beads


  • Using the string, make a simple braid or follow along to our instructional video below to learn new stitches.
  • For younger kids, use the pipe cleaners and beads to create your own jewelry.
  • Make your friends feel special by giving them one of your creations!

Taking Care of the Earth

Bal Tashchit

Planting Seeds
Supplies: seed packets, planter


  • Using the biodegradable pot, fill your pot half way with dirt (not provided).
  • Make small holes in your dirt and place the seeds in the holes.
  • Make sure to water each day to keep the plant moist.

Bonus project: Create plantable seed paper using recycled paper and seeds and write notes to family and friends that we miss and can’t see right now. When they receive the notes, they can plant them and watch their seeds grow!

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