Weekly Schedule

7:30-9:30am Adult Open Basketball5:30-9am Open Gym5:30-7am Adult Open Basketball5:30-7am Open Gym5:30-9am Open Gym5:30-7am Adult Open Basketball7:30-9:30am Adult Open Basketball
9:30am-5pm Open Gym9am-12pm Summer Camps7–9am Open Gym7-8am Basketball Rental ½ Open Gym ½9am-12pm Summer Camps7-8:30am Open Gym9:30am-5pm Open Gym
10am-2pm Children's Gym ¼12-1pm Adult Open Basketball9am-12pm Summer Camps8am-12pm Summer Camps12-1pm Open Gym8:30-9:30am Fitness Class ½  Open Gym ½10am-2pm Children's Gym ¼
Building closes at 5pm1-5pm Summer Camps12-1pm Open Gym12-1pm Adult Open Basketball1-5pm Summer Camps8am-12pm Summer CampsBuilding closes at 5pm
 5-6pm Summer Camps ½ Open Gym ½1-5pm Summer Camps1-5pm Summer Camps5-6pm Summer Camps ½ Open Gym ½12-1pm Adult Open Basketball 
 6-10pm Open Gym5-6pm Summer Camps Open Gym ½5-6pm Summer Camps ½ Open Gym ½6:30-9:30pm Adult Basketball Leagues1-5pm Summer Camps 
  Building closes at 10pm6-9pm Open Gym ½ Adult Basketball ½6:30-9:30pm Adult Basketball LeaguesBuilding closes at 10pm5-6pm Summer Camps ½ Open Gym ½ 
  Building closes at 10pmBuilding closes at 10pm Building closes at 6pm for Shabbat 

Updates to this schedule occur frequently.

The Gym is unavailable for use when summer camp, leagues or special events are scheduled.

All times are approximate and may vary by 15 minutes or more. Times and days may vary at any point.

Age Guidelines for Drop-in Play

  • Youth Open Gym: up to 13 years old
  • Open Gym: open facility for general play
  • Adult Drop-in Basketball: ages 18+

For more information, contact sports@jccgb.org or 617-558-6453.