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Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston


Dear Friends:

Thank you for visiting the JCC’s new website! We are excited to present you with a comprehensive view of opportunities to engage your mind, body and spirit as part of the JCC community.

In designing this site, we have tried to convey the diversity of ways in which contemporary Jews express themselves and explore their Jewish identities. We call this “Jewish My Way”—a focus on you, and on your needs. We get it: You live in multiple worlds and pursue many paths to creating a rich and meaningful life. Being Jewish may be an important part of your life, but so is being a citizen of the planet.

How does one reconcile the many ways in which we are pulled each (very busy) day of our lives? We believe that Jewish values and wisdom are among the most useful tools available—to anyone. In this site, and in the programs the JCC is designing and offering, we offer for your consideration our interpretation: a focus on being welcoming; on developing one’s skills and interests; on connecting with others; on being healthy; and on learning and inquiry.

But what’s most important to us? What is important to you. Here you can build a Jewish identity that is uniquely your own—and we will be your willing partner in making your aspirations a reality.

Best regards,


Mark Sokoll
Jewish Community Centers of Greater Boston